Friday, June 12, 2009

My new favorite blog, Twitter Backlash

After commenting on Jason Corsello's blog a few days ago ( in which I complained that his recent use of Twitter, instead of his blog, devalued his content, I considered a lengthy post here ranting about the ridiculous hype and lack of real value regarding Twitter.

In my opinion, Twitter is the Paris Hilton of web technologies, i.e. initially attractive, distracting, but ultimately almost devoid of value. And, like the lovely Ms. Hilton, it demands far more attention and fuss than it could possibly warrant.

But, rather than go on-and-on here, the blog Twitter Backlash ( provides a thorough and thoughtful set of commentary about Twitter. Of particular value is the following post,, wherein Twitter is examined in the context of the groundbreaking work of Marshall McLuhan relating to media. Now THAT is good blogging.

Last, every time I think of McLuhan, this following epic scene from Woody Allen's Annie Hall immediately comes to mind. Wait until the's worth it.

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