Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kenexa rebrands its website

Kenexa rebranded this week launching a new website and logo. I must say, it is a tremendous improvement is most regards. Kenexa's previous site was seriously ugly and not very helpful for those interested in the company. I can't seem to mention this enough but, the Lawson website is still the world champion for awful websites in HCM technology.

While I really like the new colors and logo for Kenexa, I am not so sure about their "i x e = s" concept. It is really gross oversimplification, and Kenexa's explanation of the concept, and reference to Martin Luther King therein, is a bit of bullshit. I mean really, is it in anyway appropriate to associate a company with someone of the stature of Martin Luther King and the American civil rights movement? On the other hand, given the restricted amount of neurons that the universe has seen fit to distribute to HR professionals, perhaps this is a shrewd marketing decision and the HR folks will lap it up and forget to ask Kenexa any probing questions about their technology.

It was an overdue makeover, but good for Kenexa in finally undertaking it.

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