Thursday, August 14, 2008

I have finally had it...

This is the inagural post on my new HCM/SaaS blog. I had to do this as an outlet to challenge all of the ridiculous crap I hear in the HCM technology and SaaS community. I have made a few posts in the past on other industry blogs, but those were not sufficient to slake my need to vent, and at least challenge the crazy amount of propaganda and outright bullshit that is spewed in this market.

Now, to set a few things straight about this blog and how I intend to conduct it.

1. I intend to be brutally honest, and you should be as well if you comment on posts...bring it on. We are all allegedly adults, so we can take it.

2. I will use profanity from time-to-time. I will do so if only because it drives HR professionals nuts. Plus, it's just how I say things sometimes.

3. I will not propagate nor tolerate gratuitous personal attacks. Disagree if you like with me or anyone else, but don't disparage anyone without bringing specifics on your beef with that person, company, etc. Breaking this rule will get comments deleted.

4. I really think HCM technology, talent management, SaaS, Social Networking, etc. are great and valuable things, but the misinformation is killing me! So, when I viciously criticize things, remember it's love making me do it. That, and a general desire not to see companies and vendors waste money and time.

5. I really am a senior person in this industry. If you ask the real me if I am TechSphinx, I will deny it. Luckily, most everyone who isn't me will deny it as well.

6. I will try to post regularly, and improve the look and feel of the blog over time.

7. I respect a lot of people in the industry, including other bloggers, so please don't take any vehemently worded contrary opinions too personally. It doesn't mean I think you are a bad person. Feel free to blast me right back.

Alright, now on to the fun!

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Jason Corsello said...

Congratulations on joining to blogsphere. If you are going to be "brutally honest" though I think it should be with complete disclosure!